Melanie Gobbo

Melanie Gobbo    Soprano

Melanie was born on January, the 24th, 1973 in Neuss – Nordrhein – Westfalen. Only 2 years later she lost her father through a fatal illness and was raised by her mother.

As a child she already listened to the beautiful singing of her mother, who worked many years as an artist at the theater. Melanie started to take a shine to classical music and started to take ballet lessons at the age of 5. There she collected her first stage experience. Until the age of 17 Years, she stayed in ballet; jazz and tap dance come along.

Then came the time to decide for a profession. Advised by - You cannot live from the art alone - Melanie trained as a dental specialist assistant.

But she is missing something - the connection to the music, the audience and all the trimmings!

When she's twenty, she began classical vocal training. First, with the soprano Annette Schiffer, then with the Romanian tenor Alexandru Ionitza, where she also learned stage presentation, drama and speech training. She also got the opportunity of an intensive voice training with Professor Horiana Branisteanu (Mozarteum Salzburg).

During her vocal training, she begins initially with smaller musical presentations. Followed by regular concerts in Germany and Italy from 2000 until now.

In 2005 Melanie was asked by the Italian composer Gianni Grilloni, in remembrance to the late Pope John Paul II, to sing his composed song, written by the poet Rina Casas Polzoni. In May 2005 the hommage to the pope was sung, and is since availble on CD and the internet.

In June 2006, Melanie is the first laureate of the Song Contest for Regio Stars in Baden-Wuerttemberg. In October 2006 she has been a finalist and Regio Star of the song contest "Sang und Klang" in Baden-Wuerttemberg, and won a CD production.

Melanie Gobbo is working with a variety of professional musicians and gives regular concerts with her pianist Melissa Baptiste and violinist Pawlik Pawlik as a trio.

Currently, she starts a tour with her own orchestra with the title „STERNSTUNDEN DER UFA-FILMMUSIK“, a „Show“ of immortal melodies. The premiere is on November the 12th in the "Altes Kurhaus" in Aachen.

She is also to be heard and seen with other regularly concert and tour programs.