Melanie Gobbo

What you should know about her!

Photo of Melanie Gobbo

Melanie Gobbo has devoted her life to music, and already won competitions with many concerts and performances across Germany and Northern Italy.
With a mix of charm, sentiment, temperament and humor, the sympathetic artist creates a pleasant atmosphere of glamorous versatility. And we recognize, that there are many contrasts set in her extensive repertoire, which are in harmony with each other simultaneously.
Through her open personality, the singer succeeds to repeal the barriers between the audience and the artists. In a press interview she once said: "The concert hall should be for the artist as his second home. And for the audience as well!"
Melanie Gobbo regularly works with a variety of other professional musicians, so that individual arrangements are aligned differently. So she can be booked for several hours of entertainment, or for a brief appearance as the dot on the "i". The moderation of the concerts can happily done by herself. Beside her singing, acting and dancing skills, she is also often valued as a presenter on wedding fairs, fashion shows and gala evenings. Melanie Gobbo - A woman of artistic creativity and sheer joie de vivre!